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Get Offers

During the Get Offer processing, a request will be sent from Interswitch Lending Service to Provider to get the offers the Provider has for a User. The Request and Response format expected are as follows:

Request Message description

Field # Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 customerId String  50 true The Email or Mobile Number of the User who is accepting this offer.
2 channelCode String  50 true The Code of the Channel from which request is coming from.
3 amount Long false The Amount of Loan that the Customer wish to take. This can be used to determine the offers that will be returned.
4 currentLoanStatus Boolean  true A Status stating whether the Customer has a current loan in service or not.
5 hashedCustomerId String 100 true The hashed value of the customer Id, which can be used to retrieved customer data.


GET /endpoint goes here. The Provider is expected to provide this and configured on the ILS Platform.


As a Lender, please note that it is expected you have a basic authentication for each API spec  A sample screen shot is shown below.

Sample Request

Sample request
{ “customerId”: “2348123456789”, “channelCode”: “FBNILS”, “amount”: “100000”, //One thousand naira only “currentLoanStatus”: “True”, “hashedCustomerId”: “DBA29C79EED1E6AC388E03AD77E4C748AA87EEC3” }

Response Message  field description

Field # Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 responseCode Numeric String  5 true The Code representing the status of the processing of the request. It shows whether the request to accept the offer is allowed or not.
2 responseMessage String  255 true The Description of the Response Code from above.
3 offers Array true Arrays of Offers that the provider has for the user.
3a offerId Numeric String 50 True The id representing this offer from the provider.
3b amountOffered Long True The Amount of this loan offer
3c interest Numeric String 3 True The interest in percentage attached to the loan
3d amountPayable Long True The Amount expected to be paid by the User for the loan.
3e fees Array False The Array of fees that are attached to the loan.
3ei name String 50 true The name of the fees.
3eii amount Long true The amount for the fees
3f tenure Numeric String true The Time duration of this loan after which the user is expected to pay back the amountPayable (in days)
3g terms String 100 True The Terms and Conditions attached to the loan offer.
3h expiryDate Date Time (UTC) True The Date/Time at which this loan offer expires and become invalid.
3i currency Numeric String 3 True The Currency of the Amount offered.
3j isPartPaymentAllowed Boolean True A Boolean depicting whether the Customer is allowed to make part-payment to serve the loan.

Sample Response (success)

{ “responseCode”: “00”, “responseMessage”: “Successful”, “offers”: [ { “offerId”: “ABCREDIT0001”, “amountOffered”: “1000.00”, interest””: “10”, “amountPayable”: “1100.00”, “fees”: [{ “name”: “Tax”, “amount”: “1.00” }], “tenure”: “30”, “terms”: “Please read the terms and conditions on https://onefi.com/terms”, “expiryDate”: “2017-06-12T11:46:15Z”, “currency”: “566” }, { “offerId”: “0002”, “amountOffered”: “10000.00”, interest””: “12.5”, “amountPayable”: “12500.00”, “fees”: [{ “name”: “Tax”, “amount”: “10.00” }], “tenure”: “60”, “terms”: “Loanee are expected to have served the loan at the tenure end. Any defaulters of this will likely not be given any loan offer from here or other credit company.”, “expiryDate”: “2017-06-12T11:46:15Z”, “currency”: “566” } ] }

Sample Response (failure)

{ “responseCode”: “3001”, “responseMessage”: “Sorry, we have no loan offers for this customer.” }

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