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Do Refund

This endpoint is provisioned for providers who need to refund a customer that has been debited in excess during loan repayment / direct debit.
NOTE: Only CLOSED loans are eligible for refunds (i.e. the customer’s loan has been fully repaid).

Request Message Description

Field#Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1customerIdString50trueThe Email or Mobile Number of the customer to be refunded
trueThe Amount to be refunded to the customer’s account (in kobo).
3transactionIdString50trueThe unique transaction identifier. This is the reference that will be used to re-query for the transaction status in case of an unresolved state.
4loanIdString20trueThe loanId of the customer’s loan
5providerCodeString50trueThe Code of the provider from which this request is coming from.


POST /payments/refund

Sample Request

"customerId": "2348123456789",
"amount": 1250000, // Twelve thousand naira only
"transactionId": "09389877487857",
"loanId”: “LOAN123",
"ProviderId": "FER"

Response Message  Field Description

Field#Field nameData TypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
1responseCodeNumeric String5trueThe code representing the status of the processing of this request
2responseMessageString255trueThe description of the responseCode.
3transactionRefString50trueThe Quickteller Transaction Reference for the transfer request.

Sample Response (success)

"responseCode" : "00",
"responseMessage" : "Transaction Successful",
"transactionRef" : "UBN|WEB|ILS|20170501091282|01238797"

Sample Response (failure) 

"responseCode" : "417",
"responseMessage" : "Loan must be Closed before a refund can be sent to the customer."

Response Code

Response CodeResponse MessageApplicable Requests
51Insufficient FundsCredit Customer, Do Funds Transfer, Debit Customer, Do Payment
91Issuer or switch InoperativeCredit Customer, Do Funds Transfer, Debit Customer, Do Payment
3001No Offer
4001Declined offer
4002Offer Expired
4004Unknown OfferCredit Customer, Debit Customer, Requery Payment/Transaction Status, Update Loan Status
4009Payment Already Received/MadeCredit Customer, Do Funds Transfer, Debit Customer, Do Payment
5000System ErrorAll
E38A search parameter must be providedGet Customer Information
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